Friday, July 22, 2011

The Hotspring of Sorrow

I'm having a visit from 'grief' today.  One of my KidsPlayers, a high school girl now...her best friend's dad died in a motorcycle accident last night.  The friend, a young man, just graduated from high school in May.  The dad, apparently braked hard for something...a deer...?  No one knows what.  Hit a tree and died.  Just very sad....another chapter in the from-the-beginning of time-long-story of "Why?  Isn't life hard enough?  WHY?" 

I'm a firm believer in the 'everything happens for a reason' principle, but doesn't lead ANYWHERE.  Like now. will be years before it leads somewhere.  In the meantime...grief for those left behind.  Drowning in it, choking in it.  Dying from it or wishing they could.

I don't even know the kid, really.  But I know my KidsPlayer girl and she loves this kid like a brother--and now he'll be irrevocably changed by this horrible tragedy.  His life from this point on, will be tainted by this too-soon passing.  All roads traveled, all milestones will be be marked by this one horrible turn of events, this hand of cards he's been dealt.  So sad. 

So tragic.

And from just under the surface, bubbling up, seemingly out of nowhere, come all the sadnesses.  I'm sure you know the ones of which I speak.  The ones that lie dormant most of the time, in scrapbooks and memory boxes.  The snowglobe dusty on the shelf, the stuffed bear in the trunk, the teacup in the cupboard.  People gone too soon, events that forever changed us all.

Anyway.  It's a sad day here in Greenfield....

And I'm thinking of you and yours...ours....everyone's.  And praying with clenched hands for the strength to understand.