Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Thoughts--4/4/09

Could it have been a more perfect day?

I need to write Uncle Peter a letter.

Our tickets are only $10 and our children's shows are $5.

Good to see you got the banner program working again--once we're past needing it.

I love my assistant.

My husband finished his novel, thus closing the window of opportunity to write a blog post about his "mistress".

My husband and my kids are the people I love spending time with the most.

Jacobs needs to say 'yes'.

I'm trying hard not to get excited by new ideas I won't have time to fulfill.

I think I'm allergic to fabric softener.

Going to sleep to the comforting white noise of NCAA basketball....reminds me of listening to the Fort Wayne Komets on AM WOWO as a kid.

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