Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodnight, Noises

I cannot sleep, sleep, sleep
And I wait, wait, wait
for the sounds of night to lull me
to where I want to go....

The steady ticking of the timepiece
from the living room
Measuring the miracles,
the moments, the passage of time.
Goodnight, clock.

A long rattling sigh from the man beside me
letting go of his day's horrors,
settling into steady breathing.
Goodnight, husband.

Dog whimpering after squirrels in her sleep
Nails clicking against the leg of the bed
in dreamworld running.
Goodnight, dog.  Goodnight, squirrels.

The sound of melting snow
heard only by the sump pump
working to keep the crawl space dry.
Goodnight, pump.  Farewell, snow.

The real or imagined sound of my son's laptop
the fan whirring and keyboard tapping
His customary haunting of the wee hours
Goodnight, son.  Goodnight, Gaia.

In the next room
my young son shifts on the top bunk
and the thump of falling books
Makes me jump
even though I'm wide awake.
Goodnight, books.  Goodnight, Special.

A short twizzling growl of my stomach
And the soft beat of my heart
Sounds that are mine alone.
My breath, my life, my dark,
and finally a yawn...finally.
Goodnight, Heart.  Goodnight, hunger. 
Goodnight, dark.
Goodnight, noises everywhere.


  1. That could have been my thoughts from last night. I miss sleep.