Thursday, August 5, 2010

Geek Love

I stopped at one point today to assess the experience.  On my left, an elegantly adorned pirate.  On my right, two middle-aged men trading Magic cards with the solemnity usually reserved for stock trading.  In my vision, a kilt-clad storm trouper, a couple wearing matching Pikachu hats and pouring over the event catalogue, little Geeklings battling with nerf swords, a giant bounce house rock climbing pyramid, a sleeping Sailor Moon in the corner, and hundreds upon thousands of gamer geeks, all--like me--happy as clams, all enjoying the experience, the fellowship, this community of geeks, gamers, sci-fi fanatics, cartoon nuts, D & D nerds, and cos-players all gathered in one place...this annual pilgrimage, the madness, the mass hysteria, the joyful celebration of difference known as GenCon.

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