Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buried Importance

Two Dreams...

1) In the first dream, my husband and I went to the restaurant. You know the one. It was much larger than it really is in this dream. It was crowded and busy. And I saw someone I knew across the room in the crowd. I saw him, but I don't know that he saw me. I tried to catch his eye, but he was busily engaged in witty repartee. And I was sad. I couldn't eat. I couldn't converse. He hadn't e-mailed, texted or bothered to call to let me know he was in town. And I understood again my true value and knew that I had no place in the new world order.

2) The second dream was much longer. I was in a show. I believe it was "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"--which is not the show I'm REALLY in--and we were performing it as part of a Sunday morning church service. It was our last performance and I was desperate to get ahold of him to come and see it, come and see it. Please, please. But my phone wasn't working right. I went out to my car to get my old red phone, but I remembered when I saw it that it was in pieces. I thought about borrowing somebody's phone to text him, but then I remembered that his number was on my iPhone and it wasn't working right. And my mom was mad at me the whole time because I was busy trying to make my phone work and I wasn't paying attention to her. Then the service started and it was too late.

3) Then, as if to lighten things up a bit, I actually had a third dream. I dreamed that John and I were on one of our long driving vacations. We were looking for a town called Sheep. I was watching road signs, but I never saw a sign or a turn off for Sheep. We stopped at some lost-in-time gas station where I went in to get something to eat and try to get some idea of where we were and where we were supposed to be going. I didn't want to ask directions, but I looked all around the gas station for clues of where we might be. There were none. I had absently picked up two different packages of generic oreos and had opened them and eaten several cookies from each pack. They weren't good, but I had opened them and then I had to pay for them. Grr.


  1. Wow . . . you have crazy dreams like ME!

  2. There are a lot of people who don't have a place they used to hold and deserved to keep.