Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Great 'Game of Thrones' Dream

I dreamed I was in 'Game of Thrones'.  No, I wasn't an actor in the TV show, I was IN it, living it.

We were getting ready to throw a grand feast.  I was looking down into the court yard from my room, which was mid-way up the height of the castle, and saw people coming and coming and coming from all the seven kingdoms.  I turned to Rachel and Meghan Batka, who were my sisters, and said, "This is when trouble starts.  When there's fun, and entertainment, and too many people, something bad is going to happen.  We need to get knives to protect ourselves."  [My wisdom and insight into this situation must have come from my years of reading the series and watching the program.]

 We left my room and began looking for some kind of knife.  We found some old bronzy ones, but they were too big to conceal.  We finally ended up in the kitchen, where I found a blue velvet box (like the kind that holds expensive jewelry) and opened it.  [Don't ever let anyone tell you we don't dream in color.  It's not true.]   Inside was a row of six gleaming silver knives, like the dollar-sized filet knives that Pampered Chef used to sell, except they had pewter handles instead of plastic.  We each took one and hid it in the blousy part of our bodices, and returned to the window to watch.

Looking down into the courtyard once again, I noticed a row of six horses enter through the gate, each of them in a full canvas sheath, like race horses, of a bright solid color:  red, green, blue, yellow...  There was something about them that signaled danger and I turned to the girls and said, "This is it.  It's starting.  We've got to hide."

I gave some sort of warning cry, an alert to everyone in the castle and we began to seek out the tunnels and secret rooms that were in the utmost top of the castle.  The entrances to these tunnels and passage ways were hidden behind loose stones. The passage ways were small and smooth--you had to crawl, like the tunnel we used to crawl through at the Egyptian tomb exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum--but the color of them was reddish, like adobe or terra cotta.  The tunnels opened up into larger, but still small areas where we bunched together and hid, all of us, the inhabitants of the castle, our knives and weapons at the ready.

We could hear them looking for us, moving throughout the castle, and eventually coming into the areas adjacent to the hidden rooms.  They hadn't discovered our secret hiding places yet, but it seemed as if they would.

All of a sudden, a large shadow passed over us.  We saw it move across the floor of our hiding place.  How we were able to see it through the walls and ceiling of the castle is anybody's guess, but hey, this is a dream, right?  It was a dragon's shadow!  Oh, yay!!!  Just like the one in the trailer for the next series!  And the top of the castle, where all of our safe rooms were began to dislodge and slide of of the rest of the castle.  The dragon had pulled free the entire section of the castle where we were hiding and was flying us to safety!

The end.

Just 40 more days.

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