Monday, February 16, 2009

I Suck at WereWolf...

...and everyone knows it. I am a TERRIBLE liar. Is that so wrong?

I couldn't lie as a kid. When I was 16, I let my friend Margie drive my car and she backed it down into a ditch at the State Park. We had to have a ranger drive it out, and I had to say that I was driving, because she was underage. I told my parents exactly what happened and I got grounded for a month. To this day, Margie's parents don't know.

When my friend Julie and I taught together, we used to take kids canoeing in the fall and in the spring. I based it on behavior and if the kids got a sticker for the day, they also got a 'lottery ticket' chance to go canoeing. Of course, we had very specific ideas about who really 'needed' to go and with whom we wanted to spend an entire day, so we would make a list out ahead of time and then when we drew names, we would announce the names of the kids on the list, rather than read whose name it might really be. Trouble was, I couldn't do it. I couldn't lie convincingly. Julie would have to come into the classroom and draw the names out and read them. She was a good liar. I admire that.

And so it goes in my life. I am a terrible liar. I can't even lie on line in a game. And aside from not being able to lie, I can never figure out what's really going on. Not understanding how the game works is a whole other thing. Do I not get it because I'm too right-brained?

Once, I actually was a wolf, and I'd survived two votes--which nabbed two wolves for the village. DC, who was NOT playing, tried to help me with my win-strategy. He wound through this long explanation of what my next move should be, and then he'd say, "Do you agree?" "Um, yeah." "Do you understand?" "Um, no." And he'd try again. I just couldn't follow the logic of it. And in the end, when people began to suspect me, I tried to convince everyone that someone else was a wolf, by essentially screaming myself hoarse (if one can actually do that in on-line game) with defense strategies and weak accusations. Looking back now, I can see what my mistakes were, but...there was no recognizing them at the time.

We played WereWolf at Urban's party the other day and I was the first one out. All people have to do is look at me and ask. I can't lie to save my life. It was pathetic.

So now, my child has figured out that all he has to do is apply Werewolf-type questioning to anything he wants to know. He figured out this evening that I had a Wii Fit hidden in the closet. And he laughed himself silly over this discovery.

This...not being able to lie...could be a problem. I gotta work on it....

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  1. I have problems with telling lies also; but, you know, never really saw it as a character deficit. Somehow I've managed to make my way in the world without needing this skill. I once turned down a job that was going to require an ability to lie on the phone, though.

    Who's Margie? Why don't I remember her? Also, on a totally unrelated note, what was the name of that English teacher from Germany? Someone mentioned Billy Budd yesterday, and I had a sudden vivid memory of her saying "Billy Budd" in her heavy accent.