Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Day for Charlie...?

This is for all of you who expressed concern over MY concerns about Charlie's lack of motivation, lack of using his talents, etc.

Yesterday, I think, I hope, was a lifechanging day for him. We paid a college visit to Ball State. We got an overview of the program, had a campus tour, and then, we visited the T-Com department.

Charlie has been wishy-washy (film, photography, computers) or (in my opinion) too narrow (just photography) in his interests, so I scanned through the majors for something I thought might capture his interest and chose communications.

The slideshow overview was fun and informative. We saw a short film put together by some BSU film students that was really clever and well-done. Then Tinkerbell, a nursing student who actually did the happy clap at one point during the tour, showed us around the campus. Finally, we toured the T-Com building, the one David Letterman built for Ball State. Pretty awesome.

I know Charlie had misgivings going in and I know he wasn't really focused on what he thought he might like to do. I'm pleased to say that I think he is now. He (and I also) was really impressed with the campus, what the T-Com department was all about, and the opportunities available.

I won't go on and on about Ball State. I was impresed, too. In fact, I probably know more about it now than I ever did about IU or IUPUI.

On the way home, he said, "I wonder what I'll be like tomorrow."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
He said, "Tomorrow's the day I start doing stuff at school."
Yes. Now, I understand that saying it is one thing and doing it is another, but he's 'seen the promised land' so to speak. He knows what's ahead; he's seen 'the prize'. I just hope, hope, hope it's not too late.

We spoke a little about some of the things I mentioned in that previous paragraph and I said, "You know what you need to do, don't you?"
And he said, "Get my grades up."

Again, saying it is one thing; doing it is another, but I just hope, hope, hope it's not too late.

For my child the college student.

Postscript: I can't end this without mentioning another highlight of our trip. We saw my former KidsPlayer, Jesse Vetters, in his first college performance of "All in the Timing" at the Cave theatre. I can't say enough about this. It was pure joy: the entire show, his performance, and getting to spend some time with him. I don't know if he had plans for dinner or with friends. If he did, he just dropped everything to go to dinner with us. Already, through our conversations, I know he has been stretched as an actor person. He is a wonderful, talented young man and it's a pleasure to know him.

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