Friday, June 26, 2009

25 for Today


1) thinking of reasons to and not to get up.
2) ...dreamed that Hudson came to help me at the Gallery today.
3) ...dreamed that she accidentally drove into the lake twice.
4) ...dreamed that Carie came on vacation with us.
5) ...has so much to do today, it isn't funny.
6) ...wonders who's going to work the sales table.
7) ...wonders if we'll get an audience.
8) ...worries that her relationships won't survive this weekend.
9) ...dreamed that Ben swam in the ocean and came out with a small star fish, a baby alligator, a miniature manta ray, and two leeches all needing to be scraped off the bottom of his foot.
10) ...worries that she'll be too tired to enjoy the kids at Mozzi's after the show.
11) ....worries that she might cry over stupid things.
12) ...that everyone will forget all about this wonderful thing we did and move on to the next project.
13) ...she won't have time to change into her 'pretty' dress for this evening.
14) already tired of hearing about Michael Jackson.
15) ...wonders if we should change our curtain music from "Thriller" to something else.
16) ...wonders who she'll disappoint today.
17) ...will try to stay calm.
18) ...doesn't feel calm at all.
19) ...wishes DC and Joe were on board.
20) worrying about "Fiddler".
21) worrying about Pennsy.
22) worrying about dying friendless and alone.
23) wondering if she'll have enough time to actually pack for the upcoming vacation.
24) ...can't imagine how awful she must look after yesterday.
25) wondering if she'll survive the day.

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  1. You know better than anyone where I was and how much I would have rather been helping you....