Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things That Make Life Worth Living--9/17/09 Edition

1) Glee
2) Cran-Grape juice
3) Little girls who like to throw baseballs and dads who love them
4) Lex Adkison
5) Things that you care about so much they're worth crying over
6) the bizarre, eclectic, and wonderful assortment of men in my life
7) the anticipation of working with Shazam
8) Facebook
9) unlimited texting
10) being the age I am and STILL believing that each day is better than the one before


  1. I LOVE Glee. And Cran-Grape juice, and lots of other things on this list. But mostly - I LOVE YOU!! ;-)

  2. I don't get all of the list- but that's ok because it is your list, not mine! But I totally agree with #1!!! Yay Glee! I hear they've been officially picked up for a full season!