Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ten Statuses for a Sunday Afternoon

Christine C. Schaefer...

1) …LOVES the smell of freshly mown grass…
2) …is cleaning out the receipts from her purse and realizes that she has spent a considerable amount of money on BEADS!
3) …loves the sound of the boys playing in the other room without the help of electricity.
4) …wonders just HOW many people actually still use a phonebook. They just dumped a bag load of them at our front door. I don’t think I’ve used a phone book in years….except to sit on. ;-)
5) …found four pairs of reading glasses, the first script for Steel Magnolias, eight half-read Newsweeks, Chris Vetters’ Fiddler DVD, two rolls of scotch tape, more bead receipts, half a dozen Spicettes, both Hits of the 60s CDs, and 38¢ in the middle basket in the front seat of her car. Huh.
6) …loves the smell of a cook-out!
7) …hopes that “9” is still playing NEXT weekend when her little guy is off for Fall Break…
8) ….is looking forward to spending the day with the young people tomorrow.
9) …thinks her husband bakes the world’s best cookies.
10) ….wonders if anyone ever reinstated Haley’s comet….

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