Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creepy Half-Light Dream

12:24 a.m.
Late at night at the Memorial Building only not the Memorial Building.  I'm there and I'm messing around in the half-light created by the street lights shining in.  I get spooked and decide to go to the other building, which is maybe the Art House but more like another Memorial Building.  It's dark...more weird light cast by pale street lights.  I get spooked walking and decide to run.  I see that there's weird guy in a trench coat with a wrapped face like the Invisible Man off to my right.  As I'm running, I start to fly.  [Wow.  Haven't had a flying dream in, like, forever.]  And I fly in through one of those big windows...try to turn the lights on, but there's no power.  I start yelling for someone.  No answer.  And then I 'land' (I was flying, remember?).  I come down slowly (like from the flying equipment at the HS), but my feet are coming down on that creepy wrapped guy, who somehow climbed into the window just after I flew in.  In the dream, I'm struggling and fighting him and kicking at him and yelling and wondering why someone doesn't answer.

When I wake up from the turmoil of the dream, I'm lying perfectly still, holding onto John's wrist, but in my head, still yelling. 

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