Monday, December 14, 2009

My Blogger Friend Liz

I have friends in my life that I know much better in cyberspace than I do in real life.  My Blogger Friend Liz is one of those.  I believe I stumbled onto her blog, Eternal Lizdom, through Indiana Auditions.  She's a theatre person and a mom, (but make no assumptions about her titles--that's what it says on her blog), so we have that in common.  She works; I don't...much anyway.  Her kids are young; mine are older.  She writes about her children, her life, her causes in life.  I feel a connection with her even though our physical social circles don't link.   I read her blog.  She writes a lot.  She reads mine.  I don't write that much.  But it's a comfort to me to know she's out there.  She's on FaceBook, too, so we're doubly connected.

So we recently got to meet.  Knowing that she's a theatre person, I invited her to bring Teagan, her daughter, to one of the matinees for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". 

And so she came--and brought Teagan.  I immediately scared Teagan to death by being 'overly familiar' with her, but gosh, I feel like I know her.  I feel like I know Liz.  It was great to meet her, although I didn't have much time to spend since I was the director of the show and in charge of the massive movement of students in and out of the auditorium.  But I had seats for them in the front, and I showed them around backstage.  It was a joy to share my world with them.  I think she's hoping that Teagan clicks into theatre (so LIZ can get back into it, too--believe me, it's much easier to be a theatre person when your KIDS are involved, too!!!) and I hope I moved her a little closer to that.  ;-)

So Liz,  my blogger/FaceBook friend, we continue to have that cyberspace connection.  I enjoy our friendship and I love knowing you're out there.  Give your kids a hug for me; keep what's important close; and keep writing.


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  1. Aaaawwww!!!! You know I NEEDED this today!!

    And I feel the same way. We have connected through our blogs and on FB. And I absolutely am hoping that one of my kids gets the theatre bug- even if just to go see shows. I want them to have a deep appreciation for the arts at the very least.