Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Traditional Diary Entry--8/13/09

Yesterday, a complete stranger came up to me at the State Fair and told me...whispered to me actually..."Excuse me...I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful actress you are..." Of course, I went all kinds of red and looked at the floor and mumbled some thanks. But...what a moment.


Going with my oldest son to GenCon this evening. Remembering last year when I made a mental note to myself to take the time to relax and enjoy it next year. Doesn't seem like I'm going to get to keep that promise. Sure looking forward to it, however. Warding off the thought of inviting friends to go along so that he and I can spend some quality time together... Hope that we have some fun together...


Charlie's starting at a new school--Greenfield-Central--for his final year of high school. Wish I'd moved him long ago. I have such hopes and dreams for him this year... The kids at Greenfield--at least the ones I know--are so academically-oriented. I hope that environment wears off on him. Crossed fingers.


Stopped in at the Gallery for some stuff before going to the State Fair. Wish I could just stay here all day in this artistic sanctuary instead of going in to sell rock candy and Advil to fairgoers... I might actually enjoy the fair if I didn't feel like there were so many other tasks and responsibilities calling my name...


I love FaceBook. I love being in touch with people and knowing what they're doing, thinking about, feeling day to day or however often they post. Makes me feel closer to them and involved in their lives. Note to self: hook Mom up with FaceBook when you're there over Labor Day.


Went with Cathleen and the CrazyLake interns to tour Chris Sickels' Red Nose Studio yesterday. What a fascinating guy, studio, tour it was. He talked about the preparation he went through to become the artist he is and all the elements of his life and education that went into what he is now. He talked about turning points in his career. He talked about what he likes about what he does, and his agent, and his projects. Wow. An inspiration.

And a sadness...I fear I've waited too long to start after my dreams... Yes, I'm having a good (albeit poor) life right now, happier than I've ever been. But I'm 50. On the downside now, I guess. Hard sometimes to spend as much time as I do around young people...and observe how WIDE OPEN the world is to chock full of possibilities it is. Omg, they just 'teem' with potential, buzz with it. As a married, 50-year-old mom, my possibilities are really limited, and it saddens me. Makes me think I've wasted my life.

Ha...this life?? I haven't wasted ONE second of it.


  1. So if you weren't married and weren't a mom, what would you be doing?

    Enjoy the Con! If you happen around the area where they are doing True Dungeon and you see a goateed man who might have his arm in a blue sling, ask if his name is Jeff and if it is- give him a big old smooch from his wife!

  2. Ha. That's a good question, Liz. Possibly the exact same thing. It's really the '50' part that's getting to me these days. I know for sure, however, that I wouldn't be getting my degree in education... :-)

  3. Good for you, honey! Never waste life. There's only so much of it.

    As for Gen Con, my only memory of it was when I got hit on by a girl in a weird costume....
    Tell Charlie I wish him the best of luck...

  4. Actually, I take that back, the OTHER memory I have was on the way home when Jesse accidently ran a red light and smacked me in the face with a Mellow Yellow bottle, quite by accident, of course. ;D Remind me to tell you that story some time.