Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ten Places I'd Like to See in Europe

Having never, ever considered 'travel' over the ocean, I've never given much thought to places I'd like to visit. I mean, the closest I've ever been to international travel is Epcot. Suddenly, I'm entertaining that possibility and thinking about what might be interesting:

1) Stonehenge
2) Ruins in Greece
3) Ruins in Rome
4) The Globe Theater
5) Abbey Road
6) The Louvre
7) The Berlin Wall (is it still there?) :-)
8) Paris at night
9) The Riviera
10)The Sistine Chapel

Hmm. This really sounds like too much. Maybe I should narrow it down to five.

I also want to see the 'oldness' of Europe. I'm fascinated by the East Coast cities and how much older they are that anything in the midwest...the curving streets that used to be cowpaths, the old houses and buildings... How much more interesting the several-hundred-years-older cities and villages of Europe will be. Ah, well. Thinking about it is fun.


  1. Parts of it are still there, yes.

    And I'll have to show you my pictures from Greece sometime :)

  2. Some day, I will take my hubby to Europe. I've been to Italy, Austria, and Germany. Florence, Italy was my favorite. (And Salzburg, Austria, for many reasons . . .)

  3. So, you world travelers you....what's special about Florence?