Sunday, May 23, 2010

I DO Believe, I Do

Have you loved me long enough
And do you love me strong enough
to keep the dark away?

When you wrap your arms around me
Don't you know that you're my armor?
But the dragon that you're fighting
doesn't have green scales and claws.

In your eyes, I see my castle.
Your kiss is my protection.
Can you save your damsel fair?

With poisoned fruit she beckons;
The witch is at the door.
The spinning wheel awaits;
Will I sleep forever more?

Can you swim across the moat
and carry me to safety?
Break the spell that binds me
and remove this gloomy curse?

If you click your heels and tap three times,
Clap for fairies, and kiss that frog
Try the slipper on my foot and remind me of the magic,
Will 'happily ever after' end this tale?

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