Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like You Mean It...

I just woke up from the dream world. 

I was in a big warehouse and I was helping the Drama-Teens with costumes for an upcoming show.  They were coming out one at a time in costume and I was approving them, commenting on them, and giving hugs.  And one of them came out dressed in something that I had made from the KidsPlay costume rack--a vest with one front panel red and the other blue.  He had red and blue bandanas hanging from his shoulders like he was supposed to be some sort of patriotic character.  I was pleased with his sense of entitlement to the KidsPlay costumes and I said, "Well, look at you!" and I gave him the same cursory hug I'd given the rest.   And then brown eyes looked down at me and said, "Would you please hug me like you mean it?"  And so I did.  Because I did mean it very much.  I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him for dear life.

And then I woke up.  And immediately wished I hadn't.  And here it is.  The morning I've feared was coming for a month or so...the morning when I feel like I simply cannot get myself up out of bed.  But I have to.  I have so much to do.  Today is the busiest day of this week.  I. Have. To. Get. Up.

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