Sunday, January 18, 2009

Janet's Bathroom

Having long since decided that the Christmas season was much too hectic a time to try and get together as friends, we moved our Teacher-Friend Holiday Celebration to MLK Weekend. We, the friends who began teaching together in 1987-1990, gather at Julie and Janet's house for games, chatter, good food, and good fun. We spend the night, and in the morning, I am privileged to use Janet's bathroom for my clean-up-to-greet-the-day. I take this annual opportunity to sample 'what's new in the world of personal care products' that Janet has on hand.

Janet's bathroom is lovely--yellow, sunflowered, with matching towels, no less. She has Make-up Puffs, not cotton balls and her Q-Tips are in a little, cloth-lined basket instead of a baggie. On the back of the toilet are yellow and blue striped washrags, rolled hot-dog bun style and carefully positioned in a small pail.

Her bathroom counter boasts 3 different types of perfume, "Look Ma, New Hands" lotion with paraffin, an aerosol can of Multiplicity Swax (spray wax--for hair removal?), and something called Aquage Freezing Foam whose purpose is a mystery. There were lotion bottles of Aromatherapy in eucalyptus spearmint, Mary Kay Timewise, and Nutrioniste skin renew. Much different from my all-purpose baby lotion. There are tubes labeled D20 Hydration, Petgold Tartar Control toothpaste (presumably for the dog), and something called "No Puffery".
A small jar of Regenerist microsculpting cream and Crazygood whipped shee bodybutter which I'm not sure I want to know about are in yet another cloth-lined basket on the counter next to the sink.

There was a definite peppermint bent this year with: Twisted Peppermint body creme, and skin renewing peppermint foot treatment, and Twisted Peppermint (candy canes gone wild) body scrub.

In the shower, where I noticed that Janet had a new diffuser shower head, I was able to sample Matrix Biloage (isn't that one of the Godzilla monsters?) and something that seemed too thick to be creme rinse, although I used it anyway, called Tea Tree Conditioner, subtitled revitalisant, acondicionador, which I'm assuming was 'conditioner' in the prerequisite French and Spanish. In any case, it was a nice change of pace from my usual Suave shampoo and conditioner. There was Skintimate moisturizing shaving gel, Coconut Sweettime exfoliating sugar scrub, Tahitian Bath Milk which exhorted me to 'SOAK IT UP' (with monoi oil), Origins (never a dull moment skin brightening face polisher with fruit enzymes), and Morning burst (!!) facial cleanser.

Janet's bathroom is a place of fascination and mystery and I enjoy my annual 24-hour-trip to Janet's Wonderland Spa.


  1. It's like a trip to the ultimate sample showroom, eh? LOL!

  2. Yeah! And I, with my low maintenance self whose personal care product collection contains nothing more exotic than generic Oil of Olay and SeaBreeze, get a HUGE kick out of just the names of the stuff!!! Chuckle.

  3. Wow. Did you take a notepad into the bathroom with you, or did you just commit the names to memory? Either way I'm impressed...

  4. Chuckle. Actually, I would go in and look at something, and then come back to my computer (on the bed) and type it in. :-)