Friday, January 16, 2009

The Letter "P"

Liz at Eternal Lizdom is playing a letter game--she's assigned random letters to those who follow her blog, like me, and my task is to come up with ten things I like that start with...the letter P. P??? Why couldn't it have been T (for theatre or travel or teasing....?). But it's P--so here goes:

1) I like people, all kinds of people, how interesting they are
Where they've come from, where they're going, how the journey's been so far
Their stories seldom bore me and I'm sure you will agree
To connect with other people is the reason we're to be.

2) Thank goodness, plays begins with 'P' or I'd give up this chore
If I did not have theatre, life would surely be a bore
KidsPlay, CrazyLake, or my beloved Act-Teens
Messin' around with Dennis in the old man/old lady scenes

3) Writing parody songs is a way to spend my time
It's hard to keep the rhythm and make sure they always rhyme
We sing them at our parties and try to be the best
We laugh until our stomachs hurt listening to the rest

4) Since we did "Jolly Roger", I'm a pirate in my heart
With boots, and patch and sword in hand, I'd play out my part
Captain Jack, Bonney Anne and my favorites, Bounding Main
If given half a moment's choice, at sea I would remain

5) "How 'bout Peace?" my big son said, as I worked on this list
When my response was silence, he started to get pissed.
"What do mean? You don't like peace?" he said with a smile
So to this list, I add 'World Peace' so I don't seem so vile.

6) I like Payton, my favorite actress and future Broadway Star
And I like Peyton, the quarterback, who throws the ball so far
They both have lots of character and traits that I admire
Role models each in their own way to which we should aspire

7) The PC vs. Mac commercials make me laugh out loud
And tickle the snobby fancy of the Apple computer crowd
PC Guy is so stuffy and young Mac Guy is so cool
Which is why we all should understand that PCs suck/Macs rule

8) My cellphone connects me to all I know
To Julie, Dennis, Chris, Stan, Rachelle, Terri, and Joe
My link to business; my link to info, my link to laughs and fun
But you can bet there's a bill to pay when I get done

9) Pencil and paper, budgets, proposals, Google, and MapQuest
Brainstorming and planning are among the things that I love best
A family vacation, a party, a play theatrical fund raising event
"Just okay" is not my style; to excel is my intent.

10) And last, my hometown Poet in October we celebrate
And the homespun rhymes and poems that he did create
The goblins that'll getcha and pumpkins covered with frost
He documented a time and place that now is lost.

So those are my Ps, one through ten, in poetic form
Taking my mind off the cold, it helped to keep me warm
And thanks to Liz, for the chance to play and make this letter rhyme
Lots of thoughtful, humorous fun--a creative way to spend my time.

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