Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Green Growing Project, Day One

Okay, so I'm outdoing myself with my gift to the KidsPlayers for this show.  I don't really want to give away my idea in case one of them stumbles onto this blog, but suffice it to say, I'm trying my hand at growing something.  I have blown out the yolks of 42 eggs, cut the tops out with fingernail scissors (did you know you that eggshells can be cut?), coated them with ModPodge to make them stronger, glued them into small flower pots, filled them 2/3 full with dirt, added a tablespoon of water, sprinkled in grass seed, and then added another bit of dirt to cover the seed.

I was discussing the project with my partners at the Gallery and made the (apparently hysterically funny) mistake of asking about planting grass seed right side up so it would grow UP instead of down into the dirt.  Their response, once they finished wiping their eyes, was, "Nature finds a way...."

Was it really that dumb a question??


  1. I have a feeling that most seeded things grow towards the light...

  2. Just the other day RIck was overseeding the lawn with some grass seed -- to cover in some of the bare spots -- and it took him FOREVER because he had to plant each individual seed right side up. That's why so many people choose to use sod, you know -- it takes too long to seed a new lawn when you have to deal with each individual seed. I think they have machines that do it for them on sod farms.

    (Good thing you didn't ask me about this, or you'd still be sitting at home trying to find the top of the seeds.)

  3. Your cautious and measured tact is admirable, Liz... <3

  4. Delight in the fact that you brought great joy to the folks at the gallery. :)