Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ten Statuses for Saturday, April 17th--

Christine C. Schaefer

1)   ...slept for ten hours.  Could sleep for ten more.
2)  ...just heard a prom-related story encouraging parents to have a discussion with their prom-going teens about....drinking?  Nooooo.  Safe sex?  Noooooo.  Domestic violence.  What?
3)  :  Oh!  The RACE!!!  We're missing it!!!
4) ...also just heard that one of Tiger Woods mistresses is writing a book.  PunFest 2010 is about to get underway.  Oh...what's it called?  [wait for it....] "Up to Par".  HAHAHAHA!!
5) ...LOVES that you want to take your photos in the Gallery.  It's 'home', isn't it?
6)  :  Mary Kay vs. baby shower.  Six of one, half dozen of the other.
7)  :  Why?  WHY did you tell him he could wear his Chucks???  WHYYYYYYYYYY????!!!
8)  thinks she probably won't pass the rigorous interview/home visit process required to take in a shelter dog.  Are you kidding?  What does it take to adopt a dog that No. One. Wants????
9)  Ha-HAAA!!!  I can play hardball, too, Casper.
10)  :  Hair cut day for the Chias!!  Snip, snip, snip!!

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