Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stream-of-Consciousness Statuses

I need my current FB status to stay on show stuff, but there's so much else rattling around in here....

Christine C. Schaefer...
1) ...wonders what it must have cost him to call.
2) ...thinks that the painting looks lovely in the corner collecting dust.
3) ...can't remember when she last ate.
4) ...was surprised and maybe a little touched.
5) ...hopes you got said what you wanted to say before I walked away.  Bitch.
6) ...wonders what will happen when the lights go down.
7) ...really thought it was a B- at best...
8) really starting to recognize 'pretentious' when she sees it.
9) ...never thought of weddings as 'obnoxiously loud'.
9) sort of amazed at everyone's different opinions.
10) ...loves the Tolkein, but isn't sure she gets it.

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