Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marking the Inches

I'm in such a rush, such a panic this week.  SOOOoooo much needs to be done.  This show, that show...prom this weekend for my son and the drama-teens, graduation looms on the horizon, plans for summer, vacation, theatre camp, swimming lessons, and on and on and on.  So busy.  Feel like I can't spare a brain cell for ANYthing extra.

But...this morning, in the midst of all this frenetic thinking and rushing and mental list-making...I stopped to make a memory.  A memory of one of the mundane details in my life.  Something I see every day, a part of my current daily routine...  And here it is:   a car door..  An image that will some day be just another  wispy memory in the pensieve...  ;-)

And so I mark these days.  A day of rushing around, trying not to fall too far behind.  A day like so many before.   I make a memory.  Like Frederick gathering the sun's rays, and colors and words for cold dark winter days ahead.  Days of change.  Days of future agedness. 

And word up to the youth.  When you get to be 50....or older...make sure you can look back and say you did what you wanted to do.  I'm not talking about your bucket list.  I'm talking about your day-to-day walk.  Make sure you walk it well.  It's not about the destination; it's about the journey.  Do well with the time you're given.  And make sure you mark the inches as well as the milestones...

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  1. Oh how I adore Frederick!! I read that book to my kids anytime they will let me. Jeff read it to Zach's class at school this year, too (they focused on Leo Lionni during author's week).

    I find that the sky often presents me with moments to stop, slow down, reflect, pause.