Saturday, April 10, 2010

Memories of Worrying Past

All of this introspection in the WoW (no, NOT World of Warcraft, World of Worrying) has sent me down memory lane to an early day in my relationship with my husband.  December 23rd, 1986.  The two of us were living in an apartment in Indy.  We were due to drive up to my parents' home in northern Indiana for Christmas and to announce our engagement. 

John had gone out--I forget what for--Christmas shopping or grocery shopping, to get his hair cut--something--and he was late coming back.  This was the days before cell phones, mind you, youngsters.  I didn't know where he was, couldn't get ahold of him.  He was gone a LONG time, much longer than whatever the errand should have taken, and I was worried.  I went through all the stages in about 30 minutes and straight to Worry Melt-Down so that by the time he got home, I was a blubbery, shuddering mess.  I was SURE he'd been killed in one of those tragic Christmas season accidents, on the eve of announcing our engagement, my one true chance for happiness dashed beneath the wheels of some drunken truck driver.  I remember greeting him at the door and, yes, his absolutely mystification of my state of mind.  Had he been the profanity man then that he is today (that is, from None then to Occasionally now), his attitude would have been WTF.  Ha.  I have to laugh when I think about it, but the moment wasn't funny AT all.  I was a worrying mess.  Yes, all for nothing, was a mess I remember all the same.

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  1. OMG! I'm sorry but this is all too familiar. When Jim or the kids are late and I can't get a hold of them I get mad, then scared...then I start planning their funeral. And yes, I get the same "WTF" look from them.