Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"We're raising her...." she said.

"We're raising her."  That's what she said.  A long time ago she said this.  It still applies.

And she also said, "It isn't often that you experience a friendship that takes up an entire half of your heart." 

She said a lot of other stuff, too.  Wise stuff.  Words and communication and rational thinking come easily to her.  

She said, "I love you."  She said, "You're going to throw away these last few months?"  And she said, "You need to fix this NOW." 

My rudimentary understanding of reincarnation is that you're forced to keep living lives over and over until you get it right.  This is the week where I blew it, the one were I sealed my fate of coming back again next life.

So tired.  Not feeling is tiring.  I've already fallen asleep at the keyboard.  Trying to remember what my friend said when she made me go for a ride with her.  All the smart things she said.  She made sense.  She said what I did was wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Compartmentalizing until after the show.  Have to.  A trick I learned from the Other Half. 

This is my blog where, in past entries, I've poured out my love and anger and hurt and joy.  There's none of that here right now.  I just feel numb.  And tired.  Fighting off tired.  Fighting off feeling.  What will I think about today tomorrow?

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