Saturday, March 7, 2009

Communication in the 21st Century*: Not Always Better in Writing

So, I'm trying to work up the courage to ask John about going somewhere over Spring Break. The boys don't often have Spring Break at the same time as IPS, but this time they do. We talked early on about going somewhere with Coles, but that was before Job Abandonment. So now, Rachelle is asking if this is really going to happen and I'm trying to find a way to broach the subject with John.

I'm talking with Rachelle, alternately texting her cell, leaving her voice messages, and Chatting on Facebook. Charlie is in the Family Room on the computer. I notice that he logs on to FaceBook, so I Chat him: "Charlie, go tell Dad to log onto FaceBook Chat."

Charlie comes in and stands next to me in the Living Room, where I sit with my laptop to yell, "DAD?! Can you hear me?" He looks down at me when an affirmative answer echoes back. "Okay," he yells back, "just checking." He then returns to his own computer in the Family Room.

I finally yell in to John, "Get on FaceBook Chat. I want to talk to you."
"Okay," he responds, "but there's something wrong with this picture...."
"Told ya!" yells Charlie from the Family Room.

Here is the transcript of the texting:

Christine: I'm talking with Rachelle and I want to talk to YOU about going somewhere over Spring Break. To Cincinnati. There's some great museums down there....

H. John: So...

Christine: So I found a great hotel up near Cincy that's only $45 a night.... We could stay two nights and see the museums...maybe visit the waterfront, see the Underground Railroad Musuem....

H. John: oh boy the underground railroad museum...Why is a great hotel only $45?

Christine: It'd be cool, I think... It's the national center... Here's the link. Look at the hotel:

H. John: Is the Pete Rose casino there open?

Christine: I don't know. Seriously, what do you think? Did you look at the link?

H. John: What about the Marge Schott museum? I'd like to go there.

Christine: It's LaQuinta Inn. We've never stayed at one of those before, but it got good reviews. I don't know!!!

H. John: Is it bilingual?

Christine: I don't know...Zach Cass's status is: "Tonight, a comedian died in New York." He talks about the glowing blue penis....

H. John: Yeah, impressive, and he multiplied himself to make love with his wife...

Christine: What a concept.

H. John: She was pissed! Because he was also in the other room doing something else.

Christine: What was he doing?

H. John: I forget. He was solving a problem in another universe in another dimension.

Christine: Oh. I thought maybe he was schtupping someone else.... Did you look at the hotel link? March 31-April 2. Two nights? Indoor pool. Coles are going.

H. John: theoretically he could do that, but he, at that point, had a major disconnect with the human populace

Christine: Would you get on subject please....

H. John: nothing showed up in my hotel link no info no nothing

Christine: I don't care about the glowing blue penis man.

H. John: exactly, that was Dr. Manhattan's problem this is just the orbitz page

Christine: Okay. I see that it doesn't go there... Well, will you take my word for it?

H. John: for what? I was in an alternate universe.

Christine: OMG, why do I even talk to you???

H. John: That's what I want to know!

Christine: Don't make me come in there....

H. John: Do you realize how absurd this is!

Christine: What is?

H. John: SEE!!!! All I know I'm not writing right now of things that matter with words that must be said. By the way. I just finished my chapter, nynah! and I'm starting to nit pick.

STATUS: "H is finished with Chapter 9. Tomorrow he will nit pick and revise."

**And this entry is dedicated to Terri, because she thinks that the way I interact with my family is so fascinating. Right.

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