Monday, March 9, 2009

Dream Theme: Traveling

I dreamed that we were on one of our long traveling vacations. I had let Mom drive so I could sleep and when I woke up, we were on a road that was nothing but a sand path...with puddles. I was a little aggravated with her for getting us lost, but I took over the driving and plowed forward until we got to some better quality roads. We followed the road we were on and ended up driving into the underground parking garage of a large urban, but very modern library.

I tried to ask library patrons and staff where we were, but I don't remember anyone exactly answering the question. All I knew is that we were out west somewhere, as evidenced by the reddish brown cast of the sand and soil.

I looked out the window--I was very high up--I saw the road we needed to be on: a cliffside road that ran along the...Columbia (?) River.

I tried to hurry everyone to the car, saying, "C'mon, we've only put in 30-40 miles today. We need to get going." Mom got mad at me then because we'd done more than that. I'd been asleep so how would I know?

End of dream. What does it mean? What does it mean?

1 comment:

  1. (Here's for a quack interpretation of the dream.)

    The "traveling" is your life's journey. With it including a library I would venture to say your quest for knowledge. The sleep you had was symbolic of an intellectual hibernation you had been on. The sudden awakening symbolizes a shocking event which has put you on a path to greater truth/knowledge. Also I detect an irreversible hatred of eggplant....

    Just some thoughts ;)