Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Dreams

1) I was at KidsPlay rehearsal and trying to get the kids quiet. They wouldn't settle down to rehearse. DC was sitting beside me (where he usually is) and he didn't seem to notice that we weren't rehearsing, that it was just chaos. Finally, I just closed my eyes and went to sleep. We didn't rehearse and no one even seemed to care.

2) I was backstage at the Ricks. It might have been "Rumors" , since Beth was there, but I think it was a different show. There were some kids, some girls, backstage making noise and being silly. First, I was at the bottom of the stairs, and then during the performance, I walked up the stairs and ducked behind the curtain. When I got back stage, I saw a shoe that was supposed to be on stage as a prop and I threw it out there onto an existing pile of shoes--during the performance. I heard Beth say, "Oh my gosh!" I turned my attention to the girls. They were being loud and I tried to get them to leave. I called back on the headset to talk to Dennis and Joe in the booth. They were talking to each other, but they didn't respond to me. I wanted to know whose kids these were. Nobody answered me. Suddenly the girls ran across the back of the stage in full view of the audience laughing and giggling. I decided I didn't care whose kids they were, they were getting out of there, so hustled them out a side stage door (which isn't really there). They stood there laughing and giggling and not seeing the seriousness of it at all.

Two dreams about stress, frustration and powerlessness, wouldn't you say?

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