Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dream Theme: Friends/Travel/Tornadoes

Dream One: I dreamed I was in a room playing Werewolf with the cast of "The Odd Couple" in spite of the fact that I have sworn off Werewolf (and adult theatre).

Dream Two: Traveling with the family--out west, South Dakota or someplace like it. We stopped at a campground where there was some construction going on. It was very open could see for miles. I think we set up camp and the kids were relaxing. The staff of the campground were construction types. It was a bit unsettling that there seemed to be..a lot of voodoo accouterments laying/hanging around. We were just settling in when the construction guys started packing up and advised us to do the same. Something was coming, but I didn't quite get what... Something evil? Or storms? I looked at the horizon and saw a big black cloud of dust, like the ones in "Wall*E"...but maybe also some funnel clouds forming. Their advice was that we should get on the road because then at least we could see the storms (?) and drive away from and around them. So I started throwing stuff in the car and yelling at the boys to pack up as quickly as possible. They were mad, nasty to me, and so forth, but....I'm the mom and they have to do what I say....

Self-analysis: Okay, there's lots in this second dream from recent life.
1) First of all, traveling is a recurring theme, as are storms.
2) Tornadoes and bears have always been the symbols of stress in my dreams dating way back....
3) The voodoo accoutrements were like the ones on the native island in the recently watched "King Kong"
4) The dust cloud from the also recently watched "Wall*E".
5) Yelling at the kids, which is what I do every morning to get them out the door and on the bus. And they're mean back to me.
6) Construction? From the Studio? We're just in their way?

Finally, three remembered dreams in three days. Three days in a row of migraines, and migraine medicine. Hmmm.


  1. Hm... I rarely remember dreams anymore. I suppose I will again someday. I think my body goes into auto-shut down now that sleep is more likely to be an all-night event. I look forward to remembering dreams again someday.

    Werewolf! I got so sucked in for a while with Joe's online site... but would get so ticked- it wasn't healthy for me. Had to quit. Now I want to go back...

  2. Chuckle. Yeah. Brown-Eyed-Girl actually had to go to the nurse's office at her workplace one day because her blood pressure went so high after checking on the game. Wow.