Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 24-Days-of-Decorating-for-Christmas

Okay, here's our new Christmas tradition. It's called "The 24 Days of Decorating for Christmas". Every day, for 24 days, we'll put up one Christmas decoration around the house. That way, every day, we add something new and Christmasy and get the excitement going. I can hear the kids now: "Gosh, I wonder what Mom will put up today? Maybe that teddy bear in the Santa suit that usually sits in the rocker...or...the snowman collection on the mantle...or...maybe she'll put the wreath on the door!" The suspense and anticipation will help the days go by, so that by the time Christmas rolls around, the house will be fully decorated and we'll have a festive Holiday House to enjoy. A completely non-exhausting and painless way to decorate. Then, on the 26th, we'll start "The 24 Days of Putting Stuff Away". We'll put something away every day so that it's not an overwhelming task and by Valentine's Day, we should be ready to start decorating for Easter. Whaddaya think???


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