Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Movies

We saw "Bolt" last evening at the Mall of America movie theater. I guess this review is a bit late because it's been out for awhile (I thought it just opened), but it was WONDERFUL. Despite paying $41 for the four of us to see the show (it was in 3D), we got our choice of seats (there were only about 8 people in the theater on Christmas night) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was good, the characters were good, the action was fun...but my favorite was the hamster in the ball. He was hilarious. My favorite part was when he went to get a ladder. It had a great ending, too.

The other movie was something I watched at home before we left. I had never seen "The Polar Express" mostly because I so loved the book, and I hated to ruin it. The movie was wonderful, too. I was a little bothered by some of the animation, but I realize they were trying to animate Chris Van Allsburg's art. There were some absolutely magical moments in it: when the train shows up, it rumbles the bedroom, like the train in the Children's Museum; when the elves go marching into the town square; when the boy picks up the bell, sees Santa's reflection approaching and turns the bell to see him better; and the sound of the bell. It didn't disappoint. It was really magical and I'm adding it to my list of Annually-Watched Christmas Movies.

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