Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Long Day of Commercialism

The Mall of America is a strange place to go as an alternative to skipping Christmas spending.

I still contend we spent less than we would have and we've certainly a lot more fun over more days...

We ate well: Bubba Gump's, Johnny Rocket's, our choice of foods from north and south food courts on three separate floors....

We saw a movie ("Bolt") that we enjoyed.

Ben and I went to the Underwater Adventure Aquarium.

I rode two mall roller coasters (by myself).

We didn't ALL go to the Aquarium; no one wanted an all-day pass to the amusement park; and we didn't play miniature golf. I'd say we came out ahead.

Both Charlie and Ben spent the money Santa left. Ben bought a huge Lego thing-y (Axalara T-9--John asked him what happened to the T-8, the T-7 and so forth...). Charlie bought a couple of video games for the Wii, I think.... I also bought them some shirts they liked. They are both so picky about their clothes that they'll wear the same two-three shirts when they asked for shirts from Hot Topics, I said fine. I also bought Ben a book he wanted: Tales of Beedle the Bard. I have no problem spending $$ on books either.

John got himself a really cool coffee mug with authors on it from Barnes and Noble.

And I saw a pair of shoes that I didn't buy: Reebok Monopoly shoes. They were REALLY cool. Here is a photo of them:

I really loved them.

So we finally all made it back to the hotel, in shifts--first John and Ben, then Charlie and me.

I think we'll start for home in the morning, and forgo another day of wandering and not buying. It's been fun, though.

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