Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reasons for Writing

Are all blogs just vanity projects? Does everyone have THAT much to say? Will I just be adding to the clutter on the internet?

Perhaps, as justification, I can admit I was a hard-core journal keeper from the age of 12 on...until I met my husband...and then I just...quit. Oh, I still have a journal by my bed and I write sporadically, but not like I used to. Wonder why? I can argue now that I barely have time to write, but that doesn't account for our engagement period, the early days of our marriage, my pregnancies and the birth of the kids. Surely those times and events deserved to be recorded for posterity...but...mostly...they weren't.

I've started blogs before...and dropped them after a week or two. Who's to say this one will be any different? But...I got inspired today and decided to write.

I think I have a pretty interesting life, but everyone does, don't they? My family is fun and quirky. I know interesting people.

But does everyone really want to hear about them? Or do I just want to write about them?

Yep, it's just a vanity project. Whew! That excuses me from having to write profound thoughts about social issues and 'world suck' and other stuff. I'm just writing to see my name in print!!! Yee-ha!!!

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