Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The House that Hums

I live in a house with creative people. My husband is a writer and a poet and an artist. He paints. My youngest son (aged 11) is an amazingly gifted artist. He's never happier than when he has something to draw with in his hand. My oldest (17) dabbles in photography and film, and if he ever gets over his intense shyness, he could some day make a living with his wit. I'm a theatre person...constantly doing something with one of my three groups... Our house is the cluttered disaster area of creative people...and there are times when it hums with the energy of the assorted projects going on within.

I've spent the morning assembling a wooden cubby-thingy for my husband's art supplies. We could hardly afford a piece of furniture, but OMG, something has got to be done about his art mess!!! Next, one for the front hall and the library/school/mitten and hat mess, and two more for the boys' bedrooms and their collections of gaming pieces!! I will be victorious over clutter!!!!!!

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