Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Really NICE Family Christmas

I started out this morning feeling really disappointed. First, my family was coming for Christmas, then they weren't, then they were. My whole vision of how the day would go was completely shot down. I didn't know why I had spent so much time cleaning when they were going to spend more time in the drive coming and going than they were going to spend visiting. And I, who worry more about disappointing people than anyone I now, was the one who would ultimately be disappointed by this 'obligatory' Christmas get-together.

In the end, however, it was a really nice Christmas. They didn't stay very long, but long enough for us to have a wonderful family time--laughing, eating pizza, snacking on food, exchanging a few small gifts. It was really a nice afternoon and early evening. I think everyone really enjoyed it. They came down because they wanted to, and we had fun together. They told me how nice my house looked, and we played a game where we all got gag gifts and that was pretty funny. The boys got gifts from Mom and Dad. And we all just had a really nice time. I guess I wasn't really expecting that.

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