Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Evening at the Museum

One of my myriad of income-inducing past times is my part-time position as the Development Director of the Hook's Drug Store Museum and Soda Fountain, which is located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The drug store, in a nutshell, is an authentic 1850s drug store and soda fountain. It's a cute little place, a step back in time, and it is much beloved by my boss, Bob Hunt, and others on the board.

Although pharmacy is not necessarily my thing, history, promotion, and event planning are. And last night, we had an open house in order recruit/meet new volunteers. It was sparsely attended, but it was a nice little evening with refreshments, music, speakers, and history. The soda fountain was open. The 'old men' of the group were there, as was Bob, and they spoke eloquently and lovingly of the place and its history.

I invited John (my husband) to this event as a bit of a window into my world--I think he's really not sure how I spend my time--and as something I thought he might enjoy. It made for a long day for him (he came straight from school), but I think he did enjoy it. The refreshments were good, the history was interesting, and I saw him walking around and looking at stuff in the museum. I was pleased to give him a small 'quality of life' moment in the midst of a busy week.

And I find myself increasingly engaged in this little museum--wanting to do more for it, wanting to learn more about it, and so forth. It needs love and attention. It needs to be noticed.

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