Monday, December 22, 2008

Second Thoughts

It may have been while Celine Dion was belting out "O Holy Night" that I had my first real qualms about our Christmas plans. "Oh, no!" I thought, "What am I doing? Packing my family into a car...spending Christmas Eve in a motel in Madison, Wisconsin...tossing our years of wonderful, heartwarming holiday traditions out the window...? What was I thinking?" But it's really too late now. Reservations have been made. We're committed to going. I think it'll be okay, but I'm nervous.

Joe S. is laughing at us. He says we may get out of Indy, but we won't get past Chicago. We'll see, I guess. I've been following the weather in Minneapolis. According to the reports, we'll have ice while we're up there, but shouldn't have any trouble getting into the city, or out, when we're ready to leave.

Time will tell, I guess. Wish us luck.
More tomorrow...

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