Saturday, December 27, 2008

Inside the Mall of America

What can you say about the Mall of America that might actually be interesting to someone who's not there to share the experience? Probably not much, so this will be short.

It's huge. We were there from about 10:30-4:00 yesterday and explored just one floor of the place. Ben bought his Axalara T-9 (a Lego monstrosity). Charlie bought Courtney Love a gift card from Hot Topics (how romantic). I was able to contain myself in Hallmark (everything 40-70% off) and Archiver's and pass up the $10 Christmas sweaters on sale of the nameless clothing stores.

We ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's.

Came back to the hotel for snacks and a nap (Charlie stayed, however). The hotel desk clerk gave us a huge coupon book on the way back out, which was $10, but due to expire on 12/31... That was cool.

We ate dinner at assorted places in one of the food courts. There are two food courts on every level.... We discussed the Aquarium and miniature golf, but no one seemed interested... Oh, well.

We got back here at about 9 p.m. and watched some stupid TV for awhile as Ben finished his Lego model.

Fell asleep to planes passing overhead from the nearby airport.

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