Sunday, December 14, 2008


Directing plays. It's something I do. It's WHAT I do. And it makes me happy. You can link to my 'love letters' to my actors for an idea of 'how happy'. :-)

Right now, I'm directing the adults, but I also direct kids, and lately, teens.

This show--this adult show--got off to an incredibly rocky start, to say the least, but tonight--after five weeks of rehearsal--was a turning point of sorts. It was a good rehearsal, the first, for me anyway, that wasn't stiff and artificial-feeling, and overshadowed by baggage and missing persons. This rehearsal felt good.

I love directing. I love the creative collaboration that is the hallmark of our group. I never get tired of watching the scenes, watching the actors move through their blocking and their lines. For me, it's like creating a moving painting. I'm always watching for composition, for truth, for magic moments, the fine details that give our shows that special polish. I love watching my actors grow into their characters. I love my actors, plain and simple. Hitchcock called them cattle, but I call them clay. I get to mold, and shape...they are the paint on the moving canvas of the stage. I love listening to them talk with me about their characters. It's a journey into self-discovery and I love watching their joy in the journey.

This was my true calling all along. My life in the theatre.

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