Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas-Filled Evening, part 1

My dad called to cancel our family Christmas get-together, scheduled for this evening, which opened up a window for me to partake in not one, but two events I had wanted to attend, but couldn't due to scheduling.

The first was the 1863 Christmas at the Riley House.
Gwen had spoken to me about this earlier this season, but too late for me to get involved, so I was interested to get over and see what it was about. It was a pleasant little tour of the Riley House in 1863, the year that Reuben Riley was away in the Civil War. Christmas preparations were afoot, as well as were wartime activities such as bandage rolling, sewing kit assembly, notes written to the soldiers. It was charming, as hosted by the women who usually staff the Riley House, plus a young girl and a couple of husbands. I was glad that Ben went along with me as company.

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